Internet Browsing

If we ask people what internet browser they are using, we normally get a blank look or we are told they use google or ninemsn. If you are unable to answer this question yourself, you are most likely using Internet Explorer if you have a Windows computer or Safari if you are using a Mac.

Viruses are designed to infect the most amount of people and cause the most amount of damage and are normally targeted for a Windows computer running Internet Explorer. Antivirus and internet security programs are designed to keep the viruses out but if your computer has a big hole in the security then viruses can come through the hole and still infect your computer.

We have made the recommendation to  any customer that comes in with an internet issue or a has had a virus removed to change their habits and change their internet browser to something other than internet explorer and Safari. The main alternatives to the default installed browser is Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Chrome is rated the most secure and the faster internet browser that is available, the only downside is that the layout is very different and may require a small learning curve to adjust. Firefox is Internet Explorer’s main competition. They have similar looks and is very easy to change over. Firefox is not as high as Chrome,  but it is a lot faster and more secure than Internet Explorer and Safari.

To get these browsers installed onto your computer search for Firefox or Chrome and download the file to install. Once installed these browsers will give you an opportunity to import your settings and favourites to the new browser.

If you would like some assistance or want us to do this for you. Please give our office a call on 1300 223 123 and for $40* instore, we can install a new browser and configure this for you.

*This offer is valid until 31/1/2013

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