Xbox 360 Competition Draw

The time has come to draw the winner of our Xbox 360 competition and the winner is:

Matt Cooper – Aspect Architecture

Xbox Competition

Xbox Competition


Quality Assurance for Assured Quality

Aussie Computer Experts would like to announce that they have engaged QAS International to develop and implement a Quality Management System which will allow us to attain ISO 9001:2008 certification. Looking forward to it!


Want to help save the environment?

Do the right thing and drop your old Inks and Toners into Aussie Computer Experts.
We have a drop box sitting out the front of our door that you can drop your Inks and Toners in.
We do this as a free service, and non for Profit!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us on 1300 223 123

windows 8

Windows 8 is due for release on the 26th of October. We have been testing the new windows in the workshop here and have been disappointed by what we have experienced. There are definitely some new features and speed improvements that will make any one happy but I wouldn’t be rushing to the store to upgrade anytime soon.

To say that there is a learning curve for Windows 8 is no exaggeration. We know our way around Windows and initially it took us 5 minutes on how to restart or turn off the computer. The start menu is now not a small menu on the left of your screen, it takes over until you click on what you want to do. This Windows has been designed for the touch screen and it feels clunky with a Mouse and Keyboard.

If you get Windows 8 on a Tablet or Computer with a touchscreen, things will make sense and you will want to use the touch screen a lot more that most people do now. If you are thinking of getting a normal laptop or computer then stick to Windows 7 as you will be disappointed and frustrated with the new versions.

With all these issues surrounding the new version, there are programs to make your Windows look normal again. We can install these for you for a small fee, please call us on  1300 223 123 to book in a time.

virus alert: Vista Defender 2013

Vista Defender 2013 Fraud Virus!

A new fraud virus has emerged at the beginning of this month scamming thousands of people!

What does it do? It stops you from accessing the internet and any applications you may use. Not only does it do that but it also mimics a security suite tricking its unlucky user into thinking you have multiple virus’s and Trojans and promises you in the aid of removing these issues – However when you go to remove them it asks for your Credit Card details to be able to activate the software to continue with the removal.


Contact one of the friendly Staff members to assist you with removal as soon as possible.

office 365 with exchange online

Making a good first impression

Remember what it was like on your first day of work? For many knowledge workers, a new job means endless training sessions, new software to learn, and a huge learning curve as they come up to speed on the company computer system. Complicated processes can spell unnecessary downtime and lost revenue—and they don’t exactly make a good impression on the talent you’ve worked so hard to attract.

product of the month: October

How do you protect your expensive electronics from power surges?
Insurance can replace your System but they can’t replace your Data!
We offer a range of Surge Protection Devices saving you hours of work, years of Photos or expensive equipment dying from something as common as a power surge.

Huntkey Smart Protector Boards ONLY $45!

This is however a special unit – Not only does it protect you from the common Power Surge – It also SAVES YOU MONEY!

  • Protect against power surges
  • Master Switch automatically turning off devices – Saving you money!
  • Extra Wide Plug Spacing
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • ($1,000,000) 1 Million Dollar Warranty for connected devices

service of the month: October backups!

How do you backup your System?

Do you use Outlook? Have a lot of precious photos that you would be lost without?

Aussie Computer Experts can assist you with backing up your data from as little as $60

Don’t have your own Backup Media? Quality External Hard drives from $95 and Quality USB Thumb Drives from $10

how to get an old windows 7 install working with new hardware

Due to local Storms I have just had to replace a Motherboard and Processor in a relatively recent Windows 7 System. On Boot Up unfortunately the system will not find windows on the old Hard Drive.

Below is the Method I used to get it working – Keep in mind I was using a similar Chipset and Similar CPU.

Download and Burn Hirens Boot CD
Load Mini Windows
Navigate to Hirens Utilities – Registry Tools – Fix HDD Controller
Select T to Select Drive – Navigate to the HDD Windows Path (IE: C:\WINDOWS)
Select M To Repair the Driver
Windows will now boot – Install your drivers and Away you go.

free upgrade to the next version of Microsoft Office

The offer involves three steps:

  1. Buy Office during the Offer Eligibility period (19th Oct 2012 – 30th April 2013): Purchase, install, and activate a qualifying Office product during the offer eligibility period.
  2. Sign up for an email reminder: Visit and enter your email address. Microsoft will email you when the new Office products are available.
  3. Get the next version of Office free, when available: When you receive your email from Microsoft, follow the instructions and redeem the Offer at Seeoffer eligibility requirements for what is required during the redemption process.